Social Innovation Forum

Many special moments were created during National Conference on Social Innovation (NCSI) over the years since 2013. In the NCSI 2016, Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar, President of PIC emphasised the importance of converting those annual moments into movements. As the first stepping stone, PIC launched the Social Innovation Forum(SIF).

One of the problems identified with Social Entrepreneurs was the lack of access to role-models and an opportunity to learn from them. To bridge that gap, Social Innovation Forum was started where established Social Entrepreneurs come and talk about how they grew their NGOs and Social Enterprises – including the best practices, how they got the early support, how they hired people and so on.

The Social Innovation Forum Lecture series was inaugurated on 20th March 2017 by the founder of Goonj Foundation, Mr. Anshu Gupta and the next SIF lecture was delivered by Ms. Neelima Mishra. Both speakers are Ramon Magsaysay award winners. In the final SIF of the year, we had Prof. Anil Gupta who talked about his work at Grassroot Innovations and various organisations that he helped create.

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