Journey through the years

The 1st and 2nd edition of NCSI (2013 and 2014)

The first edition of NCSI was launched in 2013 and was kicked off by the ever inspiring Dr. DR Mehta (Founder and Chief Patron, Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti) and was structured around the ennobling themes of Sahajta, Samvedna, Saralta, and Sampreshan. The 2014 edition grew bigger; several social innovators led by Dr. Devi Shetty continued to develop the ideas of social innovation. During this time, 100+ speakers and panellists graced the conference with their presence and provided several ideas. Prof. Anil Gupta and National Innovation Foundation played a big role and NIF continues as the partner to the programme.

The evolution of NCSI – 3rd and 4th edition (2015 and 2016)

These two editions saw the move to a more action-oriented approach without losing any of the effectiveness of the discussions and deliberations. The conference’s concept evolved and social innovators presenting their innovation and impact to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Impact investors, academia and media became the centre-piece of the 

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Started Mentorship program with NCSI (2017)

The Unit continued to build on the success of the previous years and rapidly expanded into several areas, including policy, further programmes and a new mentorship programme.

We received support from Mr. Pramod Athalye, Co-founder of Bourton Consulting India, Mr. Anil Kulkarni, Strategy & Leadership Coach, Mr. Gireendra Kasmalkar, Founder & CEO of ‘Ideas to impact Innovations’ and Mr. Sanjay Kanvinde, ‘Evangelist, Investor, Energy Sector specialist’ who joined

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Started Shared Service Centre - Social Enterprise program (2018)

We started receiving more applications from all over the nation for the NCSI 2018 and continued spreading the waves of NCSI. Our program covered a talk on fostering social innovation in India. We started our next cohort for social enterprise mentorship program with 10 innovations. We had launched shared service centre for social entrepreneurs in this year.

Creating Network of Networks (2019)

This year we witness the large engagement of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in the NCSI program adding new guest in our participation list. We had an insightful discussion with CSR’s representatives, incubators and impact investors. We are progressing with our other two programmes; shared service centre and social innovation forum.

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