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In India, there are 34 million Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and 27 million Asthama patients. A WHO report states that COPD is the third leading cause of death in the Base of Pyramid population. Approximately 3.4 million babies are born annually at premature stage in India. Oxygen Therapy (27-35% supplemental oxygen) is crucial for patients suffering from COPD or Asthma and also for pre-term babies with respiratory distress syndrome (RDS). Oxygen Cylinders are available in the urban areas, but transportation and logistics add to the cost for semi-urban and rural remote areas. Oxygen Therapy is considered to be a ‘luxury’, and is mostly available in big hospitals, which makes it difficult for BOP to afford the treatment.


Affordable Oxygen Cylinders should be made available to patients easily, and at an affordable rate. Indigenously developed HF-membrane based OEU enriches oxygen percentage, requires less energy and is cost effective as compared to the other established techniques. These small-sized units are handy, easily transportable, and are customized for single patient use. This would make oxygen therapy to the patients easily accessible and at an affordable price.

Scalability and Impact:

The Hollow-Fiber membrane technology was in-licensed from CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory and was demonstrated on laboratory scale. Currently, the 3rd generation OEU prototype is at an evaluation stage. Few prototypes have been installed at some of the hospitals in Pune and in public health areas of Palghar, Maharashtra. Validation of the prototype is planned at specialty hospitals located in different cities of India. The collected data and the feedback from doctors and patients will be analyzed, and will be used for the certification of OEU.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

Finalists for TiECon in USA, April 2017. Participated in “Exhibition & Innovation in Medical Science and Biotechnology” at RashtrapatiBhavan, March 2017. One of the 6 award winners for Tech4Raj in other social impact sector segment, February 2017. Among Top 50 startups at Amrita TBI PitchFest 2017, January 2017. And many more.
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