Dr. Ravindran Arvind


Chairman - Aravind Eye Care System


Madurai, Tamil Nadu




Dr. R.D. Ravindran is the Chairman of Aravind Eye Care System since 2010 and a practicing ophthalmologist. Also serve as the Director – Quality of Aravind Eye Care System and involved in initiatives to standardize “quality eye care” across the system. Serve as a Board Member of “VISION 2020; RIGHT TO SIGHT INDIA” since 2008, which is NGO that coordinates the activity of all national and international organisations involved in community eye care activities in India. Impact of Work Since its beginning in 1976, Dr. Aravind has handled more than 41million outpatient visits and performed close to five million eye surgeries. Aravind Eye Hospitals account for 30- 35% of the total cataract surgeries done in Tamil Nadu and 4% of the surgeries performed in India annually. This we feel has played a major role in bringing down the prevalence of blindness in Tamil Nadu from 1.69% in the eighties to the current level of 0.8%. Aravind’s permanent eye care centres in rural areas (primary eye care centres) see more than 3 lakh patients a year. Different campaigns organised by the hospitals on various occasions have increased the awareness level in the community on various eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, retinopathy of prematurity, glaucoma and so on. The community outreach model pioneered by Aravind is now being followed by hospitals across the country. Aravind’s unique fee structure and delivering free services to 50% of its patients from the income it generates from paying patients has become a model for eye care in developing countries.

Scalability and Impact:

307 hospitals from 29 countries across the globe have benefited from Aravind’s consultancy and capacity building services. Around 8,000 eye care personnel from about 100 countries have received training (both management and clinical) at Aravind. This has resulted in most of these hospitals doubling their output within two years of engagement. As Aurolab’s sales grew, prices of intraocular lenses fell worldwide, making western companies sensitive to economic realities in the developing world. Aurolab now manufactures two million lenses annually and exports to 130 countries. It produces affordable ophthalmic supplies, meeting more than 10% of worldwide needs. Research at Aravind is influencing preferred practice patterns in developed countries. Aravind’s research in fungal keratitis has been widely acknowledged worldwide. The results of the randomized clinical trial in fungal keratitis have been cited as a scientific evidence for various institutions in the world to formulate their therapeutic strategy for fungal keratitis.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

Hilton Humanitarian Prize Champalimaud Award Gates Award
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