Mr. Ajith Basu


CPO - Agastya Foundation


Bangalore, Karnataka




Ajith Basu is Chief Program Executive at Agastya International Foundation. His role involves Program Development & Management. He comes with several years of experience in Instructional Design, Teacher Training, Coordination of ‘Giftedness’ Identification Program among rural children with NIAS and DST (GOI), Impact Assessment, setting up of a ‘Rural Innovation Hub’ at Agastya’s campus Young Instructor Leader Program (YILP), Donor Relations, Agastya’s leadership of New Learner (Global) Consortium involving 11 partner organizations from 8 countries and such several similar initiatives. He has been involved in Research and learning of various global education models while seeking solutions to effectively ‘mass educate’ economically underprivileged children of India. Agastya is a movement led by entrepreneurs, educators, scientists, teachers and children to revitalize and transform primary and secondary education in India and provide an affordable education model that can be replicated anywhere in the world.

Scalability and Impact:

Agastya has been able to achieve its mission to unlock the creative potential of poor children through: 100+ Mobile Labs which take hand-on science education and digital literacy to the village doorstep. 40 Science Centers catering as science resource hubs for surrounding schools and communities. 110 Lab in a Box sets which nurtures a high impact and articipatory learning experience for students and teachers. 140 + Operation Vasantha Centres, community run program to provide remedial classes for students and drop-outs. 172-acre Creativity Lab campus in Andhra Pradesh (2 hours from Bangalore) which houses science, art, astronomy Agastya has reached over 5 million children and 150,000 teachers in several states, and is supported by scientists and educators In the country. Our 2020 goal is to touch 50 million children and 1 million teachers. The Prime Minister’s National Knowledge Commission and the Clinton Global Initiative has commended Agastya for its long term “commitment to action.”

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

Padmashree Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology
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