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All cities in India are facing issue of high number of traffic violations and limited law enforcement (“LE”) resources to effectively monitor and enforce laws. Typical solution of adding more LE personnel or CCTVs is not feasible to cover the entire city as it is an expensive proposition. The beneficiaries will be the traffic police and the general public with improved traffic conditions.


YrReport and KPMG are providing a turnkey solution to police departments to outsource the reporting to public – particularly the low skilled workers like auto drivers or security guards that are already on the roads and sitting idle for several hours a day. The reporters will earn a small fee for each useable report which can used to issue challans. YrReport app is a ready to implement the solution pan India. We are in the very early stages and presenting the solution to various cities. We had conducted a successful pilot in Vizag but due to government change the project is being reevaluated.

Scalability and Impact:

1. Technology solution: • Successful pilot in city working with auto-rickshaw driver to report traffic violations. • Due to change in government, the project is now being introduced to the new government. 2. Turnkey solution: • YrReport along with KPMG are presenting a turn-key solution to municipality to report traffic violations. • YrReport will provide the technology, KPMG will be the implementation partner to build the systems and process for the rural BPO.

Financial Requirements:


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