Mr. Imna Meren Imsong


M/s Meren Centre for Innovation


Suhoi Village, DImapur, Nagaland


Domestic animals are closely related to the livelihood of people living in rural and tribal areas. When some kind of emergency occurs, veterinary doctors in these areas face basic problem like unavailability of operation table which affect the health of animals. To solve this issue, Mr. Imna Meren Imsong made an operation table which can operation easy and effective and can be purchased by rural people/doctors to carry out simple medical routines such as vaccination, castration etc.


Mr. Imna Meren with his wife, Lucy are developing the products for betterment and ease of living of rural and tribal people. One of the product is the ‘Small Animal Restrain Operation table’ which can be used by veterinary doctors or local doctors or individuals for animals. As local veterinary centre does not have any proper operation table/tools and the animal is restrained by multiple people which cause a lot of stress to the animal.

Scalability and Impact:

The product is developed and ready to go in the market for commercialization.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

Recognized in National Competition for Grassroot Innovations and Traditional Knowledge by NIF.
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