Mr. Kristin Kagetsu


Saathi Eco Innovations Pvt. Ltd.




Around 80% of women in India, do not have an access to sanitary pads. Most of the sanitary pads are non – biodegradable, which has emerged as a serious issue for the Environment.


Saathi is India’s first biodegradable sanitary pad made from banana fibers and zero chemicals. They do all the sourcing and manufacturing locally, unlike the leading brands who use imported bleached wood pulp.

Scalability and Impact:

Saathi positively impacts women, agriculture and the local economy. Locally sourcing banana tree fibers gives farmers additional income. The manufacturing process of these sanitary pads creates direct employment opportunities for women. At present, Saathi is serving around 200-300 customers a month, through their online store. In the coming months, they are planning to boost their manufacturing, to launch their product under a new, internationally tenable brand across India. In 2018, Saathi is planning to launch international sales.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

Won Harvard Business School New Venture Competition, 2014. Won Vilgro Unconventional Idea Patch, 2015. (CEO) Kristin named Sankalp Entrepreneur, 2015. (CEO) Kristin named MIT DLabScaleUps Fellow, 2015. Won Big BPlan Competition (Viridian Ventures), 2015. (CEO) Kristin as a speaker at TedxDAIICT, 2015. (CEO) Kristin got selected in Asia21 Young Leader, 2015. 3M Young Innovators Challenge Winner, 2016. Asia21 Action Lab Grant Winner, 2016. Edie Awards Finalists, 2017. SXSW Awards Finalists, 2017. Asia21 Action Lab Grand Winner, 2017. Circular Board Pitch for a Purpose Winner, 2017.
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