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Gandhinagar, Gujarat


There are certain difficulties in climbing cement electrical poles due to drudgery and lack of safety. Moreover, the pace of work suffered as well in the process, as even after reaching atop manually or through a ladder, staying there for long to work was strenuous. Mr. Nannam Thirupathi developed a simple, useful device that serves as a personal tool for climbing rectangular cement poles. The apparatus can be worn like footwear and allows the user to climb poles without the help of a ladder.


Mr. Nannam Thirupathi developed a Pole climber is made with a 16mm square steel rod, shaped into a square and bent suitably. Leather chappals have been fixed onto this bent frame. The grabbing arm of the steel rod goes around the pole providing a temporary yet firm foot hold for the climber during his ascend or descend. Two such pieces are used by one operator. Operator simply shoves his feet into the chappals and climbs the electrical cement pole using this innovation as one climbs a staircase. It is so easy to learn and derive the comfort of climbing which is otherwise a difficult operation. It is safe, as each climber is tested for 450 kg weight.

Scalability and Impact:

The product has been sold actively since end 2016 and in the past fiscal year of 2017, has claimed to have successfully sold over 50,000 units, taking the total sale figure to nearly 80,000. Mr. Thirupathi also deals with various state power distribution/transmission companies which place a bulk order for all its electrical staff. So far in this particular regard, he has served the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

Rural Innovators Start-up Conclave (RISC) Awards 2017, organized by National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD): Best Innovator Award (Category: Sustainable Livelihoods) National Societal Innovation Award 2017, organized by National Rural Development Corporation (NRDC) Young Dalit Entrepreneur Award 2017, organized by Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Silver medal for innovation (2017) conferred by Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society.
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