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Zaya Learning Labs’ solution addresses what the team believes to be the roots of the education crisis: variability in teaching quality, poor access to high-quality content, limited attention for each student, and infrequent measurement of learning outcomes. Zaya Learning Labs has developed learning software applications that deliver instructional and assessment materials to students and real-time data on learning to teachers, parents, and administrators. These software applications can run offline on Zaya’s proprietary ClassCloud, a portable device that acts as a Wi-Fi router, server, and media storage in one. Teachers and students can access the platform using any Wi-Fi-enabled device or via a computer network.


ClassCloud, creates a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot in classrooms without being connected to the Internet. The full solution offered by the organization includes hardware, learning software, curated content, personalized assessments, and teacher training to help low-cost schools and learning centers bridge the learning gap at the base of the pyramid. The ClassCloud gives the same user experience of a personalized online platform at a much lower cost, making it accessible to the last mile of users. Centers connect to the ClassCloud through existing computer labs or a set of tablets. The solution is based on a unique pedagogy called blended learning. Instead of only listening to a teacher lecture, students also learn in small groups and individually at their own pace. The teacher can focus more attention on the students who need it the most, while allowing faster students to tackle more advanced concepts – abandoning the ineffective “one-size-fits-all” pedagogy for a more customized, personalized learning experience.

Scalability and Impact:

Zaya is used in more than 85 schools, after-school centers, and vocational centers across 6 Indian states. Over 20,000 students have completed approximately 100,000 hours of learning on the platform. The organization has also achieved promising results in pre- and post-intervention assessments. Zaya Learning Labs is working to add more and more layers of personalized learning, moving toward adaptive learning. With this, they are adding more content and tying up with more content partners. They are also working on adding apps for students to study away from their centers and schools. The organization hopes to add 1400 more schools by 2016.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

DBS NUS Social Venture Challenge (2014) World Summit Youth Awards (2014) Global Education Award (2011) Nasscom Social Innovation (2012) Gratitude Award at Google (2013) Echoing Green Fellow (2013)
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