Mr. Pradeep Lokhande


Founder - Rural Relations


Pune, Maharashtra




For over 15 years, Mr. Pradeep Lokhande is making efforts to make the Indian villages computer literate. With this novel approach he is not only helping students in the schools of villages but also generated a database explaining the diversity and understanding of the complexity in these villages which will be helpful to several stakeholder for understanding the behavior pattern of consumers at bottom level. His efforts of providing 20000 computers school have brought excitement among its students and have also helped them learn the complexity of market. Rural Relations is playing a distinct role to help kids with computer education, bringing awareness about the complex state of the villages and a unique approach to offer valuable data on consumer insights of around 70% Indians.

Scalability and Impact:


Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

DSK Self-made man Award Maxell Foundation’s Social Entrepreneurship Award Suryadatta National Award for Rural Development
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