Mr. Swapnil Chaturvedi


CEO Founder -






Swapnil is changing the widespread practice of open defecation in urban slums, by strategically influencing key emotional and rational decision-making. Through the use of ICT technology and behavioural change, he is improving the condition of community toilets to create “compelling experiences” for its customers while also building a sustainable model in collaboration with the municipality, FMCGs and local businesses. Samagra is an organisation founded by Swapnil which builds low cost clean toilets and provides sanitation services to the urban poor. One can avail these services for as low as Re.1 per day for unlimited time. To encourage communities to use these public toilets instead of open defacation, Samagra has come up with a unique reward system which rewards the user by providing discount coupons on various santation products or by rewarding free sanitary napkins to a female user.

Scalability and Impact:

5 Community Toilets under management 128 Toilet Seats 5100 Daily Users 122 First Time Users 600% Increase in People Paying for Toilets 92% Customer Satisfaction

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

Awarded Fellowship into Dasra Social Impact Leadership program In June 2015 for his work in Urban Sanitation. Awarded Acumen India Fellowship for his work in Urban Sanitation in November 2014 Awarded Ashoka Fellowship for his work in Urban Sanitation in March 2014 Awarded Social Innovation Fellowship from the StartingBloc Institute in March 2011 Received a grant form the Gates foundation for Samagra’s sanitation efforts in Urban Slums in Spetember 2014 Samagra got selected into the prestigious Green Tech Entrepreneurship Academy for developing Ripe Energy’s Business Model in June 2010 Received a grant from Northwestern University to test and develop Ripe Energy’s Business Model in May 2010
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