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253 million visually-impaired people worldwide are dependent primarily on Braille, Audio-books and Screen readers for accessing academic, work-related or leisure-reading content. Less than 1% academic content is available in Braille and the available content is not updated, nor in regional language neither serves the purpose of employability. The visually-impaired people are dependent on others which makes them less confident. Motivated to solve all these problems, Trestle labs built three different kinds of content which will improve the situation of visually-impaired individuals.


Ms. Akshita Sachdeva and team developed digitized machine-readable, digitized non-machine-readable & printed-resources. ‘For Machine-readable content’: KITAB mobile app that offers one-stop access to content across multiple Indian languages, formats and channels including Online digital libraries, universities, local publishers as well as self-curated content based on users’ reading. ‘For Non-machine-readable content’: Content-digitization service where digitized non-machine-readable content is converted into editable accessible machine-readable content in Unicode format. ‘For Printed content’: KIBO, which is the World’s first personalized intelligent reading and learning device that which offers access to over 2 lac books and reads-out any kind of printed text across multiple Indian languages.

Scalability and Impact:

Exclusive agreements with relevant organizations in this field (such as NAB. NFB, BPA, DAISY) and presence on various fora for students and other members of the VI community (connected to over 2500 VI users) helps Testle labs gain a first-hand understanding and be prepared to position the most relevant product to every customer. They have active engagements with technology partners such as Smartron, design consultancy from Design Alpha (associated with Social Alpha/Tata Trusts) and local manufacturing vendors who have helped in standardizing the product development process.

Financial Requirements:

Scaling up Financial

Awards and Recognition:

NASSCOM Design for India Award – Immersive category | NASSCOM Foundation | 2018. Top 100 Social Startups – 7th AFI Forum | Action For India | 2018. Top 100 Startups | Maharashtra Startup Week | 2018. Second Runners’ Up (Social-impact) | Seaside Startup Summit Goa – Startup Foundation India & Startup Armenia Foundation | 2018. Top 3000 Startups | Smart Fifty Challenge – IIM Calcutta & DST | 2018. Startup Support Programs: WEE Fellowship 2018 | WEE Foundation & SINE – IIT-Bombay | 2018. Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Fellow | CIIE, IIM – A | 2018. Project Associate | Assistech Lab, IIT-Delhi | 2018. $3000 Google Cloud benefits | Google Cloud Startup Program | 2017. Incubation Awards ‘Dare to ‘Fly’ Award | Digital Impact Square, TCS Foundation | 2018. ‘Most Immersive Team’ Award | Digital Impact Square, TCS Foundation | 2018
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