Ms. Niharikaa N.






Reading as an activity and a skill is a non-negotiable aspect of one’s learning process. While urban kids face declined interest in reading due to digital distractions, rural and tribal kids still don’t have access to good libraries.


Ms. Niharikaa began her work by incepting a library in a small village of Jawahar, situated in Palghar, Maharashtra, which inculcates the joy of reading in children through various creative mediums, and implements a student run library. This library is based on principles of tribal democracy, which helps to students from various age groups express themselves freely.

Scalability and Impact:

This platform is run by 6th and 7th class students. This platform was launched in one school with about 80 students. As the concept of library is based on democracy, it can be easily run by the students. The design of the library is space friendly and hence, can be managed by the students. This idea can be implemented in various tribal and rural schools to make reading books interesting.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

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