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Pune, Maharashtra


In India, post-harvest losses account for approx. 10-25% due to lack of storage. The percentage of losses vary according to grains, fish, meat, milk and other products. It was realized by Ms. Shravani Ladkat, a nutritionist that food loss on such a large scale need to be avoided in a country like India where the population is continuously growing. Therefore, she developed a ‘Hot and Cold Storage System’ which uses the heat released by cold storage for storing or dehydrating foods. It is cost-efficient and also maintains the nutritional value of the food.


Ms. Shravani Ladkat is pursuing her Ph. D. in Nutrition on the topic ‘Study of quality of stored foods in ‘Hot and Cold’ Storage’. The product has applications in fisheries, bakeries, food processing industries, cold storages, anywhere where refrigeration systems are installed. This is done by adjoining an adjacent hot room to an existing cold storage plant or air conditioning plant. The technology helps maintain a temperature range of 40-45 degrees Celsius required for carrying out the drying for 24 hours unlike solar dryers. This storage system will reduce Post-harvest losses which are a big burden on the farmers and BOP market that faces issues with the price rise.

Scalability and Impact:

After visiting several bakeries they found out that by using the product they could save 33% on the electricity bill which was 10 thousand rupees in one case. They want to implement the a larger prototype of 1 Tonne capacity and conduct studies on the various applications like storing / drying grains, dehydrating vegetables, fruits, fish, papad or any other product requiring dehydration.

Financial Requirements:

Scaling up Financial Government Support

Awards and Recognition:

2nd price in Individual category for 6th level Maharashtra State Energy conservation award. Selected for i3 Western regional fair at IIT Bombay, conducted by DST and CII in 2010 Selecting in top 20 semi-finalist in July15 for clean tech award conducted by MSME,FICCI and UNIDO Selected in top 50 of Inclusive Innovation 2013 Selected in top 10 from Maharashtra for Take Care Take Charge competition (2012) conducted by CEE ,Garnier and Times of India
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