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Their model works to address three major issues of the jawhar block region: 1. Lack of a dignified source of livelihood in the area. 2. Child malnutrition. 3. Lack of a fair price for agricultural produce. Their model works to create localised solutions for local problems using the local resources by the local community members themselves


The local agricultural produce of the region, finger millets are processed at the community level and made into nutritious ladoos by a group of Adivasi women – Khushi Nagli Snack Making Women’s Group which are then (a) sold to organic companies and consumers in the nearby cities (b) provided to the children of the village Anganwadis and primary schools as a healthy and nutritious snack under CSR and other govt. schemes created to address child malnutrition. In addition to the ladoos, other value-added millet products like Sprouted millet flour are also sold. The women of the Snack Making Group work in the comfort of a common house in the village that has been dedicated exclusively for this purpose. Owning and managing the enterprise necessitates frequent visits to the bank, post office and other utility centres which has in turn resulted in a multifold increase in the life skills and thereby the confidence and self-worth of the women. This product serves the role of a localised nutritive supplement to treat under nutrition and anaemia among children/adolescents (highly prevalent in most villages of Jawhar) as well as a healthy snacking. Therefore, the direct beneficiaries of their intervention are women groups, the indirect beneficiaries are children, urban consumers, farmers, local grocers, etc.

Scalability and Impact:

At present the women have sold over 620 kgs of ladoos amounting to Rs. 1,65,000 since the inception of the activity. The group has a production capacity of 120 kgs per week In the next couple of months, the women plan to set up a simple yet elaborate millet processing unit at the village level. With just a few machineries like a huller, oven, etc. the women will be able to increase their product range and thereby cater to a larger market. They also plan to sell their products directly in the market under an exclusive brand name.

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