Prof. Prakash Joshi







In most rural and tribal pockets of India, it is difficult for communities to get their hands on the infrastructure required to build toilets. To add to that, the lack of access to toilets built through government schemes in rural and tribal areas of India is a known social evil and many agencies have also worked on this, but the toilets remain unused due to lack of water supply and/or other issues.


Prof. Prakash Joshi conceptualized and designed the ‘Bio-toilet’, which is manufactured in FRP therefore keeping it rust free. This Bio-toilet comes with a capacity of 200 litres which can serve about 15 people, whereas other designs which are available with a capacity of 300 litres but they serve only 5 people. This Bio-toilet can be useful in Village Schools, Remote Areas, Fares, and Construction Sites.

Scalability and Impact:

At present, one unit has been manufactured which is working well for the past three months. The patterns and moulds are kept ready so that 5 pieces a week can be manufactured.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

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