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Pune, Maharashtra


1. Bio gas plant (3 cubic m) is provided to marginal farmers on subsidy. This generates nearly about 3000 liter per month which cannot be utilized by farmer himself on his farm. 2. The solid and liquid in bio gas slurry cannot be separated easily. Therefore transportation, pumping becomes an issue. 3. Farmers across India face 3 soil deficiencies namely micro nutrients, beneficial microorganism and organic matter for which no single product is available.


1. We have developed analysis method for determination of quality of slurry. District milk cooperative (DCS) buys the slurry as per quality and they rate between 0.75 to 2 Rs per liter which is processed at the center using our technology. Slurry, otherwise a waste, is utilized giving additional income to farmers. 2. We have developed a novel technique to separate solid and liquid without using any power and any external chemicals and the inputs use for this process are either micro nutrients or beneficial bacteria. (Patent No- 201821042739 Nov 14, 2018) 3. Using solids and liquid separated from slurry we have developed variety of farm input products which will provide micro nutrients, beneficial microorganism and organic matter in each single product. 100 of farmers have used these products in their field successfully for 5 years. Analytical data shows that the micro nutrient added in this product are absorbed at 5 to 1500 times more efficiently, thus reducing the cost of cultivation, and burden of chemicals on the environment.

Scalability and Impact:

1. We are working right now with National Dairy Development Board at Mujakuva Dairy cooperative where already 40 Biogas plants have been installed, and 150 more under installation. NDDB has invested in manufacturing plants for these products which can handle 10 metric ton of slurry per day. 2. NDDB has formed women co-operatives and they install biogas plant in the name of women. Passbooks are generated and the payment of slurry goes directly into their accounts. This will automatically encourage woman empowerment. It is a dream to transfer the slurry processing units to women co-operatives. 3. 1000 such biogas plants have been installed by NDDB with 50% Subsidy at 30 different dairy cooperative societies across India. All these dairy cooperatives have been sensitized about our technology. 4. In next 3 years NDDB will facilitate implementation of our technology at these 30 and any other interested DCS. Thus, we will reach 3 to 5 lakhs farmers in 3 years of time with quality products.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

1. BIRAC BIG Grant Nov 2014: About 100,000 USD (To provide complete PoC of the product for “Building disease resistance in plants”) 2. Villgro: Unconventional March 2015: 1,000 USD (Recognition of Unconventional Execution) 3. KPMC2015: Best Technical Presentation among BIRAC BIG innovators: Certificate and USD 1,000. (Recognition of scientific Proof of concept developed) 4. Vodafone: Mobile For Good India 2015: (Use of mobile for Agriculture extension) 5. ET Power of Ideas: Feb 2016. About 10,000 USD (Execution: Innovative Startup) 6. AFI Forum: Winner Silicon Valley Challenge (Innovation related to impact on Indian Agriculture) 7. Listed on Asia for good DBS website as one of the top 120 ventures from Asia for implementation of socially relevant innovation. (implementation of impactful social innovation) 8. Digital India Award from Times Group 2016: Agriculture (Use of digitization in Agriculture) 9. Millennium Alliance (round 3): First ranking in Agriculture April 2016, About 100,000 USD. (Innovative technology with implementation for impact on BoP population) 10. IIGP: Gold medal, Cash Prize USD 1,500. Training from Stanford Business School Team. (Innovative Biotechnology of national and international significance) 11. Won Global Innovation Challenge at Sankalp Forum 2016. (Technology that can impact 3 billion beneficiaries across glob with ecological as well as economic objectives. 12. USAID sponsored as IVLP Guest to visit GES2016 at San Francisco. (Recognition of Innovation and Leadership) 13. Time India Award 2017 (shortlist among top 3) as “Sustainability Pioneer Startup Award” 14. National Agripreneurs Award 2017 by Entrepreneur’s Association of india. 15. IRIGP 2018: Rwandan Govt selected Swasti Technology as one desired by Rwanda 16. Millennium Alliance(Round 4) for globalization 2018: Taking Swasti Technology to East Africa (Rwanda)
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