Dr. Pavan Kohli


Samiidha Bhavani




Safety and empowerment of women has been a topic that has been under focus in recent years. Making women and senior citizens self-sufficient in terms of safety has been stressed upon in recent repeatedly. Especially after the Nirbhaya incident in Delhi, the level of anxiety about this issue has risen and women and senior-citizens would like to feel safer and empowered, as opposed to helpless. Currently there are no comprehensive, legal & easy to use self-defense kits for this target group.


Dr. Pavan Kohli, an orthopedic surgeon by profession, came up with the idea of empowering women and senior citizens, by manufacturing a device called ‘Samiidha Bhawani’, a legal and comprehensive device that combines electronic, electrical, chemical, mechanical and telecommunications engineering. The key features of the device are the distress signal button, a siren and torch, pepper spray, stun gun with non-lethal shock, a samurai baton weapon. After 3 years of rigorous work, the ‘Bhavani’ was unveiled in Delhi in 2015 by Nirbhaya’s parents.

Scalability and Impact:

At present, the prototype of Bhavani is ready and the patent application and trademark are already in place. At the moment, he is looking for a grant to take this product into national and international markets. The press and public have shown great response to this device as Bhavani has received more than a hundred thousand hits on the internet. The production process and forming teams of trainers, who would train women and senior citizens on how to use the device would be achieved within a year.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

  • The innovator has been interviewed by many national and international radio and television channels including the ‘Wall Street’ journal.
  • The innovator has achieved recognition by National Innovation Foundation of India, and has been able to exhibit Samiidha Bhavani at the exhibition held by the National Council of Medical Research at the President House, New Delhi
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