Vesatogo Innovations Pvt. Ltd.


Nashik, Pune (Maharashtra)


In India, more than 58% of the rural households depend on agriculture as their primary source of income, and 85% of them are marginalized, i.e., they have less than 5 acres of land. For a farmer: 10-12% of their income is spent in hiring post-harvest logistics. Purchase prices in the markets are unknown. Demand in the market unknown. For a vehicle owner, who provides service to these farmers: 20-30% of the vehicle goes underutilized, unaware of the existing demand in the vicinity. There is inconsistency of income. For an agribusiness: Limited to no digital penetration. Lots of repeat work is involved due to manual work. Inefficient procurement processes and farm operations.


Vesatogo Innovations has developed 2 products Rural Mobility: Togo Model: It is a platform which enables market linkage and better logistics options for farmers and efficient procurement system for agribusinesses Farm Operations Management Model: It is a web and mobile-based platform through which the agribusinesses can manage their farm operations; it acts as an ERP solution highly customized to agribusiness’s requirements.

Scalability and Impact:

Vesatogo is actively working with key stakeholders and partners in the ecosystem and is currently handling a daily tonnage capacity of 600 tonnes per day (150+ trips daily). We are working in close association with Sahyadri Farmers’ Producer Company in Nashik, Pune, and Mumbai area.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

DPIIT recognition by Startup India Portal (Government of India) Winner, TATA Motor’s TACNet Initiative Best Indian Social Enterprise Award by Action For India 2019 Top 50 startup, India Innovation Growth Programme 2.0.

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