Tribalsmart Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Vansda, Gujrat


Artisans from rural areas make art that is sold in various regions across states and sometimes even countries. Their fine craftsmanship and beauty makes these products very popular and lucrative. These artisans often require sanding and hole drilling machines, which are quite expensive and require a lot of maintenance. It becomes difficult for the people to make their art at a low cost.


A sanding and hole drilling machine were made for tribal artisans which costs about 1/10th of the machines available in the current market for the same purpose. Another important thing to note about these machines is that they are made with locally available parts. BAIF is incubating this endeavor and training is also being provided to villagers on how the machine can be used for their art work.

Scalability and Impact:

At present, 36 such machines are running in the village of Ambapada. These machines have been running for about a year now, and it is observed that people are completely able to take care of its service and maintenance. BAIF wants to test their reliability and other technical issues before scaling up.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

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