Mr. Shashank Nimkar


Earth Tatva


Ahmedabad (Gujarat)


Every year thousands of tonnes of ceramics from industrial rejects go to landfills. This not only degrades the land but also is a waste of natural resources. As per archaeology, ceramics once burnt don’t biodegrade for centuries. At Earth Tatva, we convert this inert waste into a reusable ceramic material. Since it is a material, it is scalable into any desired product through conventional production processes, hence, keeping the production costs affordable by eliminating upfront costs of new technology or machinery.


A unique material composition that reduces mining for natural resources by 60% through recycling of burnt post-industrial ceramic waste, made under closed-loop zero-waste manufacturing process, adhering to the principles of circular economy, supporting SDG-12, turning linear ceramic production into a circular process. Essentially, doing more and better with less.

Scalability and Impact:

MVP is ready. About to start production.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

Recognized as ‘Circular Economy Pioneer’ by Ellen MacArthur Foundation, London REX Karmaveer Chakra Award Winner – Sustainability by Design (Indus University) Finalist – Technology Innovation Pioneers 2020, Abu Dhabi Finalist – Green Concept Award 2020, Munich

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