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Gandhinagar, Gujarat | Bengaluru, Karnataka


57 million Visually-impaired people in India (12 million Blind [Src: National Programme for Control of Blindness], 45 million Low-vision) don’t have equal Education and Employment opportunities as they cannot access Printed, Handwritten and Digital content on their own. Only 29.16% are part of the education-system and only 6.86% schools have access to braille and audio content [survey by NCERT]. EDUCATION: They are heavily reliant on Braille and Audio-books to access information. While less than 1% content is available in Braille, it takes 4-6 weeks to audio-record a 300-page book. Late Blind individuals often don’t learn Braille. EMPLOYMENT: A significant % of employable visually-impaired are unemployed. Even those who are employed don’t have the right tools to enhance their productivity, limiting their career-growth. EXPERIENCE: Imagine how you read a book – open it’s index, choose a chapter, start reading, move back and forth across pages. If you don’t know the meaning of a word, you look for it on Google, YouTube. While preparing for exams, you underline things, make notes. But, for visually-impaired people- They get a book, wait for weeks to get it audio-recorded; listen to the same 2-hour audio-book 7-8 times before their exams – No notes, No content-interactiveness, No peer-learning.


Ms. Akshita and team have developed their solution ‘Kibo – A one-stop solution to access any kind of printed, handwritten and digital content’. Kibo comprises 2 products: ● Kibo mobile-app ( ● Kibo XS device ( Kibo mobile-app is a one-stop solution to access any kind of Printed, Handwritten and Digital content, in real-time, through audio, across multiple Indian and overseas languages, with an immersive reading and learning experience at par with sighted peers. While bringing access to 1 Million+ accessible books in collaboration with online digital-libraries to download and listen in audio, it also reads any digital document – PDF, ePub, Daisy, Docx, Txt, Images and Audio across multiple Indian and overseas languages. While Kibo mobile-app also offers Capture and Read feature, not many of our Visually-impaired friends are dextrous enough to capture photos using their phone, and the task is even tougher when the content is huge (for Higher-education, Competitive-exams and Workplace scenarios). So, for Educational and Workplace scenarios, we have developed Kibo XS which is a table-lamp like device that reads any Printed and Handwritten Content across 12 Indian and multiple overseas languages in real-time through audio, translates text across 100+ languages and helps download the same across Editable formats like Doc, Docx and even PDF, while giving an option to save the documents on Kibo-cloud for multi-device access.

Scalability and Impact:

Our impact lies in empowering the Blind and Visually-impaired community towards inclusive Education and Employment as well as overall well-being by enabling real-time access to any Printed, Handwritten and Digital content through audio across multiple Indian and overseas languages. On our quest to empower millions of visually-impaired people around the globe, currently our Kibo app has empowered 21,000+ Visually-impaired people across 15 countries who have read more than 1.7 million+ documents and spent 10 million+ minutes of reading and learning time on Kibo. As of August 2020, our Kibo XS device is deployed across 3 countries, 14 states in India with 120+ happy customers With the Plug-and-play support for adding more languages, we wish to scale our impact to multiple geographies and are seeking like-minded global partnerships to scale our impact.

Financial Requirements:

We would like to partner with like minded individuals and organizations willing to support us through market access to Schools, Universities, NGOs who could potentially benefit through Kibo

Awards and Recognition:

Some of the recognition for us includes those 25+ user-generated tutorials on Kibo app and Kibo XS device which have over 10,000+ views. This is a true testimony of how our users love us.   Some of our awards includes:
  1. Winner | Maharashtra Startup Week 2020 (Education & Skilling)
  2. Winner | LIF Fellowship Pitch Day 2020 | Royal Academy of Engineering, London, UK
  3. Winners | Tata Social Enterprise Challenge (TSEC) 2020, IIM Calcutta Innovation Park
  4. Winners | Social Alpha Quest for Assistive Technologies 2019 (MPhasis, BIRAC, Tata Trusts)
  5. Rashtriya Swayamsiddh Samman 2019, JSPL Foundation
  6. Best Indian Social Enterprise Award 2019, Action for India (AFI)
  7. Winners | Pitch Day 2019 | Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment (WEE Foundation)
  8. Winners | Nasscom Design4 India Award 2018
  9. Winners | National Conference on Social Innovation 2018 | Pune International Centre
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