Ms. Kalyani Shinde


Godaam Innovations Pvt. Ltd


Nashik (Maharashtra)


The social issue that we are addressing lies in agricultural sector. 18% of the GDP in India is contributed by the agricultural sector, it also employs more than 50% of the workforce in our country. Maharashtra is the leading onion producing state. It contributes to nearly half of the total onion production of the country. Although this scenario shows a positive picture, during our field research we found out that 40-50% of onions are wasted due to post-harvest losses and ill-managed traditional warehouses which leads to huge wastage, financial losses ultimately reducing the farmers’ income.


The infrastructure available today for onion storage is old, made using conventional methods. Most of the crop wastage is during the storage period of the crop. We are trying to convert traditional onion warehouses into smart warehouses to reduce the crop wastage in the storage period by implementing IOT based monitoring solution that monitors, analyzes, and communicates in real-time the health status of onion stock. This enables the decision-maker to take informed decisions. Initiatives like SMART INFRA, GODAAM SENSE, GODAAM ANALYTICS, and GODAAM TALK

Scalability and Impact:

Farmer Implementation: 3 locations – 10 warehouses Community warehouse pilot: 2 warehouses DOGR (Directorate of onion & garlic research centre): 2 warehouses John Deere (CSR Initiative): up to 20 Warehouses

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

Shortlisted for top 5 meity NASSCOM Women entrepreneur award Covered story with Her story (Your story) Research published through International conference (ICAR-DOGR)

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