Dr. Vishal Sardeshpande


SARVAAY Solutions






Dr. Vishal is passionate technologist strongly believe in “Small is Beautiful” philosophy of E. F. Schumacher for creating resource efficient appropriate technologies. These technologies are primarily in the domain of Agro processing to empower people in rural communities to create a livelihood / entrepreneurial option, capacity building, wealth and employment. He had developed technologies like skid mounted jaggery processing plant, turmeric processing plant, hybrid vegetable and fruit dryer and solar roaster. These technologies are targeted for small and marginal farmers to create value from their agro produce. The unique features of our technology solutions are resource (energy and labor) efficient operation, eliminate need of skilled manpower (dependency), use control & instrumentation, hygiene operation embedded in design and cultivates a sense of pride in user.

Scalability and Impact:

The technology solutions also creates respectable local employment with improved working conditions which reduce drudgery (physical work) and exposure to harsh working environment.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

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