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Crutches are used by people with a loss of strength in one leg (fracture, amputation, etc.). The traditional crutch usage is a painful experience as the shocks of movement is not damped well. The rubber tips are designed only for smooth surfaces and slip under wet, sandy and uneven conditions leading to a risk of Injury. On such surfaces, the tip has a life of 2 months maximum. Furthermore, the motion requires considerable effort and energy to move. All this put together, the user is limited in the distance he can cover before he experiences pain or tiredness and also restricted in his day to day activities. The shocks on the body can cause nerve damage and paralysis, and given that most of India’s disabled are in the youth category when physiological growth is high, these side effects lead to permanent deformation and lower productivity in life.


Our product which we call Flexmo Crutch replaces the polymer tip by two flexures (a flexible metal sheet) in a foot like design that works like a leaf spring. These flexures absorb the shock when the person tries to put his weight forward on the crutch. The deflection of the flexures also causes the body to move very little against the gravity and later while the person tries to lift the crutch for the next step, the stored energy is released leading to the easier lifting of crutches. The design additionally increases grip on rough terrains such as sand, pebbles and wet surfaces by having a flatter rubber grip and 3 point independent contact points which conforms to any unevenness in the surface. Foot like design can stand on its own and therefore the user does not have to keep holding on to the crutches while sitting down. The result for a user is that he/she can move on any surface without slipping with lesser pain and effort. Usability of the product is quite high and does not interfere with daily activities. Ultimately the quality of the life of disabled is changed from survive to thrive. The product is just launched and gaining traction.

Scalability and Impact:

Develop portfolio of Assistive tech (locomotor) Develop premium product line and export to developing countries Start Service product for disabled care and social development Set up a manufacturing plant

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

1. Start-up Oasis (Award for Best Social Impact Entrepreneur) 2017 2. IRD IITD Project Grant, 20173.Janhit Jagran Award 2017 3. Pfzier Innovation Award, 20185. I2S Rural Desi Startup award 2nd runner up, 2018 4. Korea Kstartup Challenge- Top 80 Teams among 1500 global teams invited to come to Korea with a support of 10000 USD for Incubation in Korea 5. BIRAC Bio Technology Ignition Grantee.
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