Mr. Amit Godse


Bee Basket




Bees play one of the most important roles in our ecology, and that is to facilitate pollination. They contribute to about 73% pollination in the world, and help to sustain the ecology and biodiversity. Bee hives located in urban buildings and localities, are taken down and the bees are killed instantly with the help of pest control methods. The killing of bees has a direct negative impact on the ecology which needs to be stopped for the ecology to sustain.


Rescuing bees from the urban areas and relocating them safely in nature was the idea behind the ‘Bee Basket’. The main rationale behind relocating bees is to ensure their safety and sustain the economy.

Scalability and Impact:

In 2015, Mr. Amit Godse started to rescue bee hives in Pune, and has successfully saved more than 630 bee hives. This initiative received a great response from many cities such as Kolkata, Mumbai, Banglore, Delhi etc. With the help funding, ‘Bee Basket’ is trying to reach as many cities as possible, nationally.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

Many media houses had featured the work done by ‘Bee Basket’ as it is a unique initiative towards ensuring the safety of bees, and it has helped them to spread their message across masses.
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