Ms. Ruchi Mathur


Pune City Connect




When social agents and stakeholders work in isolation, it is often observed that the change that takes place in society is incremental and not transformational. Many government bodies work independently, while their main focus is always on the social development. There is no active platform for the government bodies, NGOs, and volunteers from the citizens of the city to come together and tackle the issues while working together


To bring together the various forces of Pune which have been operating for social development, ‘Pune City Connect’ was formed in 2011. Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), Corporates, NGOs, and Volunteers came together in this one of a kind Public-Private Partnership, to achieve the common goal. It provides a model for social change, operating at the city level which works in close partnership with the local government. This formal, program-managed platform has been working on topics such as Livelihood, Education, Digital Literacy, and Government Space.

Scalability and Impact:

Currently, ‘Pune City Connect’ has been working on 3 developmental tracks which are: Quality of Education, Digital Literacy, and Sustainable Livelihood. These programs have been focused on the development of the masses on a grass root level, and the quality of the work that is being produced. Taken together, these programs have the potential to enable the holistic development of the city, in the area of agency building, economic growth, and overall quality of life.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

Funding has been received in the form of Corporate Social Responsibility funds. Significant investments have been made by PMC, in the 3 development tracks, mainly through investment in renovation and refurbishment of locations, provision of space, and changes in policy. In 2017, PMC won the prestigious SKOCH award for each of the 3 tracks. In 2017, the CEO Ruchi Mathur received a Social Impact award from Business Today, in the context of the Pune City Connect model and performance.
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