Mr. Bharat Sharma


Dakshas Foundation


Hyderabad, Telangana


Approximately 55 million Indians become poor because of healthcare bills every year. And then there are those who opt out of healthcare or find it inaccessible. There are few models that seem to re-engineer processes and make do with what is available, and very few interventions seem to harness the potential of compliance to medical protocols on a case-by-case basis. Most interventions seem focused on a particular disease, geography, medical specialty, or capacity building. A result is a fragmented approach to what is essentially a sector-wide problem of efficient and effective healthcare delivery. The need seems to be an inter-mediator who could partner with each stakeholder for an interim period to absorb inefficiencies while they realign their individual interests with the interests of every other stakeholder


A seamlessly collaborative virtual clinical network, an undercurrent that aggregates all non-core activity of all healthcare stakeholders to facilitate their core effectiveness. Establish replicating fractals of healthcare clusters in wide geographies through non-profit partners to deliver comprehensive, end-to-end healthcare. Meditorus helps to onboard the whole network of general practitioners, nurses, and community outreach onto a single virtual clinical network. The patient just needs to make a missed call to connect. The platform matches the patient to the exact skill- set they need. Marginalized patients are matched to existing, unused capacity of the health sector – consultations, procedures, and surgeries that would otherwise be unaffordable. It also allows health practitioners and units to contribute their free time to Universal Healthcare.

Scalability and Impact:

Over the last project, Dakshas has scaled six times, treating over 42,013 unique complaints with 120,104 treatment sessions and 200 surgeries. It has had a significant impact, containing the cost of healthcare to Rs.251/patient, saving 2.4 crores in out-of-pocket expenses and over 1600 working days for specialists. It was deployed across 5 settings and roped in 12 external clinical partners.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

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