Mr. Bhupendra Mishra


The Resilient Foundation (TRF)


Palghar, Maharashtra


Disaster is not a new term, an increasing trend of disasters can be seen worldwide. In any disaster, children are the most vulnerable. Thus, creating a safe space along with building capacity to face disaster as the first responder in need of time. India’s schools suffer from various disasters which lead to loss of lives and infrastructure. Most lack the capability to manage this. It is imperative to close this gap to make our schools, a key social infrastructure, more resilient in hard (structure, exits, equipment, safety measures) and soft (sensitization, capacity-building, adherence) aspects to tackle such crises and emerge safer.


TRF is aiming to build resilient communities and has chosen schools as an entry point. The program is laid down as per the national school safety guidelines given by the national disaster management authority. It is being made more advanced by bringing advanced and relevant content in capacity- building. TRF is also working on the Disaster Resilience Index, a numeric base index to map hazards and vulnerability to ease down the process of mapping of Disaster which is currently unavailable.

Scalability and Impact:

In the past three years, TRF has reached up to 5000 beneficiaries, conducted capacity building programs in 4 districts of Maharashtra, 2 districts of Uttrakhand, and 2 districts in Delhi, and has covered more than 70 schools in total.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

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