Mr. Sachin Dhande


IRDO Pvt Ltd


Pune, Maharashtra


IRDO Pvt Ltd has a mission to “Reach at each Dark Place with Solar Lantern”. It addresses the need of the situation in the rural and tribal areas by reaching needy locations by assembling these lanterns and conducting training workshops.


IRDO’s products Arun, Ravi, and Bhaskar are Solar Lanterns that can be assembled by Blind and uneducated people. The products are useful for them at home, farms, cowsheds, etc. By assembling these products, they can get some basic knowledge of renewable energy while earning. Recently, IRDO added the Jyotirgamaya initiative of 3 watts to 3 KW solar power generation by uneducated masses can help to reach at needy places to cater to further issues related to power.

Scalability and Impact:

Currently, IRDO manufactures more than 1000 lanterns in a day. The capacity is to manufacture more than 5000 lanterns in a day. IRDO can manage to produce 20 Prabhat systems a day of 15-watt solar panels.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

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