Mr. Panit Simha


Bachpan Banao




Dantewada, the region in Chattisgarh where the organisation is based, is ridden with Naxalites and education has been the biggest causality of this conflict. The region has a literacy rate of just 42.12%. The organisation believes that the “Community should take the ownership of their own institutions” especially schools.


The organisation wants to evolve a transparent process for community participation in education delivery and develop an interactive communication system that automatically builds accountability in schools (Teachers) towards the community. It aims to bring all stakeholders together on a common platform to discuss about issues of government schools, quality of education, and to prepare a school development plan. It aims to give the responsibility and ownership of the school to the beneficiary.

Scalability and Impact:

Work has begun in the academic year 2014- ‘15 in selected 23 villages, which consist of 186 schools. Initiation phase in all the villages is over and implementation is being worked on. To expand to a few more villages after 3 years.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

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