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The decline of Apis Cerana – the indigenous honey bee is a cause of serious concern. Lack of understanding of the crucial role of honey bees in the ecosystem, ignorance of the proper management procedures and non-availability of healthy honey bee colonies leads to a general waning of interest in practising beekeeping.


The Golden Hive Foundation, registered on 05.02.2015 is committed to conservation, propagation and promotion of honey bees. It is a small attempt to re-establish Apis Cerana as an indicator of healthy agricultural practices and a balanced ecosystem. There is an immediate need to establish Apis Cerana Bee Banks in each state to propagate, maintain stocks of healthy honey bees for immediate distribution. Such bee banks would act as centers to train and create responsible beekeepers and promote beekeeping as a livelihood opportunity that would translate into immediate income generation without relocation of the communities.

Scalability and Impact:

To sustain the ecosystem and the agricultural productivity, there is an imperative need to create a national movement for conservation and propagation of Apis Cerana honey bees. There should be adequate pollinators for agricultural crops in each village and for natural flora too. The vision is to create Apis Cerana Bee Banks in all states. The Golden Hive Foundation has designed functional Bee boxes and Bee frames to simplify beekeeping and to ensure production of the finest honey. Proper management training and exposure will help generate individual’s interest. Wide geographical reach will impact the communities which need the skill development, livelihood and income generation initiatives the most.

Financial Requirements:

Financial Requirements

Awards and Recognition:

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