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Manzil is a non-profit organisation working towards the cause of empowering the youth from low-income backgrounds by providing a community and resources to learn, teach and be creative. It all started when two kids approached Mr. Ravi Gulati with a mathematical problem from their school syllabus. After solving their problem, Ravi felt the need for change in the manner these kids were taught. He thus took up the onus of teaching these two kids and as words started spreading, the number of kids willing to learn started multiplying rapidly. At present, there are 250 young students between 7-27 years from low-income backgrounds willing to learn beyond school hours various courses of their choice like English, Mathematics, Computers, Painting, Dance, Music. Around 10000 children have been a part of Manzil with many continuing to keep in touch with the NGO. While speaking at the First National Conference on Social Innovation (NCSI-2013) Ravi Gulati highlighted the work done by the Society in education. He informed that it seeks to bridge the gap in education from the point of view of parents on the one hand and the nation, on the other. The parents’ approach is utilitarian wherein they want their children to become respectable citizens. Stating that there were overlaps between the utilitarian and classical approaches, he said education should not be considered as a moneymaking exercise. The need is to make both the expectations to work together and make the society better. However, he highlighted discrepancies in the education system and the demands of the industry. Going to school refers to adapting changes in life. He concluded by saying the final test is life, not evaluation.

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