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A lot of beverage products in the market come in plastic bottles. Post consumption, people throw them away carelessly. They are rarely recycled and lead to a lot of pollution as well. At the same time, irrigation methods have not evolved as much as they should over time. Given this scenario, the plastic bottle sprinklers were created.


Discarded plastic bottles are collected and holes are pierced into them at the bottom. The bottle is then connected to a regular sprinkler in an upside down position. The force and angle of the sprinkler allows the water to cover a wider sphere of the farm. The sprinkler is mounted on a very simple and light tripod as well, which can be easily picked up even by a small child. All sprinklers on a farm are connected to one single output pipe with specific taps on it to regulate and to start and stop the water flow of any given sprinkler form one single point, without having to go into the farm.

Scalability and Impact:

We have reached out to farmers in the neighbouring villages and raised awareness on our model of irrigation. Training has been given to them and they have also started using the same model now. Marathi news channels like „Sa Ma‟ have covered us on their programmes. We would like to reach out to more farmers all over Maharashtra and convey our model to them.

Financial Requirements:

Financial requirement

Awards and Recognition:

Award from „Krushi-thon‟ and „Prasar-bharati‟ Presentation at „Krushi-thon‟, Nashik Presentation at Krushi Vidnyan Kendra, Tuljapur. Presentation at TISS, Tuljapur. Presentation at Krushi-Parishad, Aurangabad
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