Serial Innovator (DewDrop, Smart Helmet, Solar Car)


Operation ASHA


Water, Energy, Health and Safety are crucial areas that affect the lives of Indian citizens today. A large population does not get access to clean drinking water, cars running on fuel are adding to the already out of hand pollution levels and people do not follow safety regulation on the roads, leading to road mishaps. Having been most affected by these issues, I have designed my innovations to directly impact these problems.


The devices designed are (1) Water generator called “ Dewdrop”, which produces drinkable water from air, (2) “Smart Helmet” a smart safety and vehicle security device and (3) “Solar Car with Human machine interface system” , which is a solar powered car which runs on solar energy.

Scalability and Impact:

Many of the ideas are being used in the rural areas but I am looking for funding to kick start either of the above projects into a marketable product and reach a large number of people.

Financial Requirements:

Financial Requirement

Awards and Recognition:

Winner of BEST INNOVATION AWARD 2016-Electric Solar Car Championship (ISIE) Bhopal Madhya Pradesh. Winner of STUDENT SCIENTIST AWARD 2016 Nominated for National Youth Award 2015-16 (Govt of India) Nominated for Dr APJ Kalam Excellence Award 2016 Selected for the Final Round of Circuit Designing Championship at Shanghai, China.
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