Mr. Sushil Vaishnav


Arises Enterprise




We are converting waste cooking oil into biodisel. Currently this oil being used by street food vendors to


Conversion of UCO into Biodiesel, by using of available technologies i.e. Transesterification, Enzymatic process etc. We are currently collecting 60,000 ltr Oil monthly from the different restaurants. Features include- • Environment Friendly Fuel • High Oxygen level This will lead to the benefit of agnostic to Price fluctuation compared to Petroleum Diesel, leading to the valuation of 20% Cost saving compared to Petroleum Diesel.

Scalability and Impact:

The operation was started in the month of November’18 with 10 states and 30 cities working leading to the catering of 300 outlets and 4 warehouses. This all is leading to collection of 100MT UCO and bringing a turnover of INR 10(Mn). They will increase their collection upto 500 MT in 3 year’s which will save million life’s

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

Top 20 start-up( out of 500 entries) ubder Ministry of agriculture program called Arise
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