Mr. Vikram Lele


Promorphosis Pvt. Ltd.


Pune, Maharashtra


High prevalence worldwide and a high rate of complications like heart disease/attacks makes diabetes the ‘Gray Rhino’ of Public Health (i.e. highly probable, high impact yet neglected threat). 60% of diabetics die of cardiovascular events, mostly ‘silent’ heart attacks.


Our innovative cloud-based Chronovisor Tele-HRV service (patent applied for) solved the cost, complexity, and accessibility barrier associated with HRV as a typical high-end lab test. Chronovisor Tele-HRV has made HRV test highly accessible, scalable and affordable. This non-invasive risk-free test can now be performed with minimal training by any health worker at the point-of-care anywhere on the globe.

Scalability and Impact:

Service commercially launched in early 2019. Active users/subscribers in Pune, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Operational break-even may be achieved in 18-24 months. Scale up the diagnostic service to serve diabetic patients across the country in urban and rural areas through their existing care providers.

Financial Requirements:

1. Funds for scaling-up. 2. Strategic tie-ups with Pharma and Insurance Companies. 3. Inclusion in Government community healthcare programs like Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana .

Awards and Recognition:

1.Finalist, Innovation Award, Medicall India, Chennai 2. Finalist at Grand Challenges Explorations of BIRAC (Consortium of Govt. of India and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), New Delhi 3. Finalist, Anjani Mashelkar Inclusive Innovation Awards 2018, Pune
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