Mr. Tsewang Norbu


Upcycle Ladakh


Leh, Jammu and Kashmir


People use fertile soil to make mud brick resulting in barren soil and cement bricks which are not eco-friendly in nature and not suitable for a climate like Ladakh with no heat insulation properties. Upcycle Ladakh makes passive solar bricks from old demolished mud blocks which stop soil erosion and burning of wood and kerosene in winters and help to reduce carbon footprint and climate change like flash floods in hilly areas.


The product – upcycled passive solar mud-brick is made from old waste demolished mud brick which has thermal retention qualities needed in winters. Barley straw, face mask, wood shaving in mud-brick, and plastic bottles are used to make a hollow mud brick. Currently, there are only normal mud bricks and cement bricks which are costly and not value-based products. Upcycle Ladakh’s product has the same price as a normal brick, but is more value-based for consumers.

Scalability and Impact:

Upcycle Ladakh is trying to set up a local factory in Leh in collaboration with the Leh municipality committee to make passive solar toilets in the main town for locals and tourists. The brick is mainly sold to lower-middle and middle-class families to help them to live a comfortable life in winters and save money spent on wood and kerosene. The customer segment is vast – from village houses to city and government projects and army habitation stations.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

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