Mr. Vivek Kumar


Kshamtalaya Foundation


Udaipur, Rajasthan


Kshamtalaya was envisioned and conceived after having witnessed the large spread of inequality and inequity in the education system in the tribal- rural block of Kotra, Udaipur. There was an emergent need to bring in a qualitative shift in the educational ecosystem of the area. The literacy rate of the area is less than 25% whereas the literacy rate for females is less than 12%. This reflects the larger institutional failure and need of creating spaces within the communities to unlock their true potential. There was an emergent need of building local leadership to improve governance and bring more accountability.


Working on the child and the ecosystem- directly and indirectly by focusing on the child, demonstrating quality learning through developing centers of excellence in each school, Creating opportunities for children to explore, and more. For strengthening the education ecosystem, Kshamatalaya has a Cluster Excellence Learning lab- iDiscover Fellowship. The Community-Driven Learning Engagement has a Kshamta-Sathi Program which is focused on ensuring the attainment of Foundation Literacy. Learning Festivals are six-day programs to revive the spirit of learning and increase parental participation and engagement in the process of learning. Kshamatalaya had been extending its support and actively looking for opportunities to collaborate with the Government and several other CSOs on different aspects of educational interventions.

Scalability and Impact:

The beneficiaries are as follows: 10,000+ Children through Direct Engagement 10,446 Community Members 6953 Teachers 140 Facilitators 1,20,000+ Children through virtual engagement 519 Out of school children 255 Learning Festivals 38 Panchayats

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

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