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In the urban scenario, there are a lot of homeless people who live on the streets without daily access to food, water and proper clothing. To make matters worse, a lot of them suffer from serious mental illnesses. Some homeless people are in fact from a previously well-off stratum of society but because their families could not deal with their illness, they have been abandoned and are hence now homeless.


Given this scenario, we began identifying such persons on the street while giving out free food and clothing to them. We took them in and provided them with basic care, before connecting them to government rehabilitation centers. Once admitted, their recovery is also monitored by us and those who are fully rehabilitated are given support through our training and other means, to reintegrate into society and sometimes even find meaningful employment.

Scalability and Impact:

Smile Plus Foundation began while distributing free food and clothing to homeless people on the streets. Today we have helped many homeless people, suffering from mental illnesses by connecting them to Government rehabilitation centers. But often these centers are not equipped with good quality facilities or even treatments. Another problem for those who recover is that they often do not have a home to go to as their families have abandoned them. We would like to create a home for such people, so that they can live there and reintegrate with society. This can also act as a temporary shelter for newly identified persons before moving them to Government rehabilitation centers.

Financial Requirements:

Financial Requirement

Awards and Recognition:

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