Ms. Indu Capoor


Director - CHETNA






In 1992 Indu Capoor started Centre for Health Education Training and Nutrition Awareness (CHETNA) in Ahmedabad. CHETNA works to promote the health, rights and empowerment of women, girls, children, youth. Indu Capoor has created a full support and change making organization CHETNA. Primarily the organization provides support – medical care and advice, advocacy for women and children, education for men and women about the importance of understanding the unique health needs of women. With direct intervention and programs, CHETNA conducts regular studies on the health of women, especially rural women, so as to have data to create both policy and social change. They have also published many interactive forms of nutrition education such as booklets, flip cards, audio/visual material and pamphlets.

Scalability and Impact:

With Indu’s efforts, women are now taking control of their own health, delaying marriage, and when possible, delaying first birth too. Furthermore, CHETNA has been garnering the trust of local women because they are able to share information on nutrition and their physical aspects that not even the local doctors know. Additionally, the research conducted by CHETNA has become the basis of their advocacy. April 11th has now been declared Safe Motherhood Day.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

NGO of the year, Modern Medicare Excellence Award – 2006 The Meher R Contractor Award for Social Welfare – 2006 International Women’s Day Award – 2000 for active participation and creating Ideal example National Commission for Women Award for Outstanding contribution for promoting the cause of women – 2002 CHETNA has received a Scroll for Honour for promoting breastfeeding practices by Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India (BPNI – 2011) Indu Capoor received an award for Best Contribution in Female Literacy and Women’s Empowerment – 2010 The Banyan Tree Value Challenge Award, Asian Forum for Corporate Social Responsibility (2008) has been conferred upon CHETNA in December 2008.
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