Dr. Surekha Bhalerao


Smile Wellness Foundation


Pune, Maharashtra


Smile Wellness Foundation solves the problem of school drop outs in Secondary School Education IX and X Std. through practical and demonstrations of Science experiments for building a strong foundation The beneficiaries are the students in underprivileged schools and / or orphanages from STD V to VIII and the elder and needy students who have science background; are trained to train younger students.By demonstrating experiments they earn while learning


Smile Wellness Foundation for practical teachings designed a Science Kits Mysteries 1 and Mysteries 2 These kits have a Novel design which offers a laboratory platform once KIT is opened. Students can perform their experiments one by one easily. They have put the effort to use the Best Quality material and that too keeping in the mind ecofriendly aspect of it. Each KIT includes 10 Experiments with different principles. Students can perform these experiments independently following the guidelines provided with the Kit. They also educate students who are in orphanages or who have come from the low income background through Art of Science Mysteries project. They conduct one day workshop, which involves demonstrations as well as practical experiments. They have incorporated the experiments based on the topics covered from V standard to VIII standard in the academic curriculum. By attending this workshop students get an opportunity for strengthening their basics. They train elder students for training younger students so that they can reach out to more number of students. Elder student not just get to earn while learning but also develop skill of educating, performing communicating. This experience train them for future endeavors. This project is a Win-Win proposal for everyone.

Scalability and Impact:


Financial Requirements:

Currently they have finalized 3 NGOs who work for Children. They take this One Day Science Workshop once every month in one NGO. There are about 400 Students in total. They also aim to develop Mysteries (Science Kits) 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Kits, which consist of New Science Experiments and to Train Elder Students and reach out to 600 more Students.

Awards and Recognition:

Special Award for this Innovative Effort through MLA through KARAM
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