Swa.Sawarkar Educational Trust


Dahanu, Maharashtra


All are children of BPL tribal workers working in brick kilns, construction works or as landless farmers, bonded labour etc, are first generation learners who have to be retained into the mainstream of school education. By applying innovative methods of pedagogy, Swa.Sawarkar Educational Trust make them feel like home which prevents migration with their parents for work thereby preventing child labour and minimising the school dropout rate. Thus, aims to solve the problem of school drop outs, child labour, child malnourishment, unemployment, alcoholism and bad environment, etc


Swa. Sawarkar Educational Trust provides basic primary and secondary school education to the children of BPL tribal community, majority of which are warlis, are all first generation learners. They provide school education free of cost without charging any tution fees, food charges, fees for school material like books bags etc, they ask only for small contributions from the beneficiaries Rs 100-200. Innovative methods of education include home like surroundings, excellent resources in the school, plastic free zone, prayogatun vidnyan,a model school for STEM in science activities and experiments at school level, drawing and arts, outdoor activities like farming,tailoring,tribal games,tribal dance,treakking,excursions, balmitra melava,raan bhaji utsav, etc. This helped a lot for retaining students in the mainstream of education. Majority of their students are children of landless, deprived, bonded labourers and majority of teachers are tribals. Since it’s a Nisarg shaala they make use of sustainable solutions like solar, biogas, vermiculture, rainwater harvesting,, organic farming etc.

Scalability and Impact:

Majority of their ex-students have opted for higher education or are employment. They have impacted over 400 Plus students from 50 villages of radius of 60 kms. Their goal is to enhance the quality of school education by using different innovative solutions, create employable skills in students, encourage them for seeking more knowledge and to impart education in such a way that the students become sensitive to the needs of their fellow brothers and sisters and act accordingly so as to enhance their quality of living thereby creating a metamorphosis and further a more sustainable and humane society.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

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