Mr. Ajinkya Dhariya


PadCare Labs Pvt. Ltd.


Pune, Maharashtra


An average woman throws away about 150kg of sanitary napkins every year. The plastic used in sanitary napkins, which is non-biodegradable, and even where waste segregation takes place, sanitary pads are not processed and are instead sent directly to landfills. Mr. Ajinkya Dhariya, a mechanical engineer developed rapid, easy, economical & Eco-friendly sanitary waste sterilization, segregation and recycle solution at root cause level. in order to overcome the unaddressed issue of environmental and individual health impact in existence.


PadCare Labs, developed a holistic product for sanitary waste management by using a novel reverse osmosis deswelling and chemical sterilization method, which is followed by mechanical shredding, the outcome of which is segregated sterilized shredded waste that can be can be recycled while the rest is compost-able.

Scalability and Impact:

PadCare Labs developing a product and giving service to menstruating females having age between 16-50 in colleges, hostels, hospitals, private-public offices in India. Currently they have developed MVP and doing lab testing for the same. They plan to do pilot testing in 25 government institute with guidance of Pune municipal corporation from November 2018.

Financial Requirements:

Financial Scaling up

Awards and Recognition:

Recognition from the department of water and sanitation under swachhthon 1.0. Maharashtra Start-up week winner 2018. BIRAC SoCH award from Department of biotechnology.
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