Vishrut Bhatt and Sumanth Mudaliar


Shashwat Front Edge Technologies


Ahmedabad, Gujarat


A good number of disabled people are economically poor also and can’t afford a wheelchair. Such people use a board with 4 wheels beneath it which gives forward motion when hands push the ground backward. Due to direct contact of the hand with the ground, they get blisters in hand, dirtiness and unhygienic as they use the same hand for eating. Their hands get very rough and injured. So Mr. Vishrut Bhatt along with Mr. Sumanth Mudaliar designed “HANDICARE-A device for specially-abled” in which handicap person is not required to touch the ground.


In ‘Handicare’ device, handicapped people are provided with a steering in front of device, which needs to be wiggled right and left to move forward. Wiggling speed coordinates the forward-moving speed. It works manually and mechanically without any power source or fuel like batteries of petrol. It operates completely on manual wiggling of person. It does not need any maintenance like servicing or oiling. It is cheaper and more efficient than the wheelchairs currently used.

Scalability and Impact:

They have already sold 200+ devices to various institutions and aim to reach maximum physical disable people and help them by making their life better.

Financial Requirements:

Government Support

Awards and Recognition:

Gandhian Youth Technological Awards at Rashtrapati Bhavan. My Fm Jiyo Dil se Social Work Award at Nagpur. GTU i2i Award Gujarat Innovation Society Trend setter Award . SRISHTI-UNICEF Award at IIM Ahmedabad. Appreciated by Smt Anandiben Patel for Start Up. Recognized by Padmashri AS Kirankumar -ISRO Recognized as start-up by Hiranmay Mahanta at Antrapreneur the Buisness Incubator. Covered on Front page for start-up on GUJARAT GOVERMENT magazine dated 16/02/16 . Winners at LJ Innovation Village for two consecutive years.
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