Recube Circular Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Mumbai (Maharashtra)


We are currently solving the single-use plastic packaging crisis across the foodservice packaging and the FMCG industry. We are also solving the issue of crop burning and making quality products affordable & accessible to all.


Our proprietary renewable material made up of crop waste binders helps us create a strong base. We make packaging out of rice husk, bamboo fibres, wheat straw, etc. We create reusable, durable, and sturdy products that can last longer than current standards. We have developed a vehicle that dispenses everyday home care & hygiene care liquids without the use of packaging. It reduces primary and secondary packaging as well as carbon emissions. Our company is built on the lifelong principle of Reducing & Reusing, keeping recycling as the last option. So, from an environmentally impactful point of view as well as taking inspiration from historical data, we are differentiating ourselves from a fad that might not last.

Scalability and Impact:

Under Restaurants, our cups are safe to use for hot and cold beverages. They are mainly used as a delivery & takeaway option and are given off to customers as collectible. Under FMCG, we have developed an Eco Refill truck that enables refills of home care & hygiene care liquids at your doorstep without any primary & secondary packaging and least carbon emissions. We are operating with six different liquids such as sanitizer, hand wash, laundry, dishwashing, and toilet & floor cleaners.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

Winner Of Maharashtra Startup Week – Regional Finalist At UN Young Champions Of The Earth Representing India and Asia – Pacific Winner Of Reboot The Ocean Programme by United Nations Global Compact in the category of eliminating waste from entering the ocean. Part of Greenpreneurs representing India. Part of UnLtd – Part of ABInBev Budstart accelerator to make packaging out of crop waste. Top 3 at Sankalp Global Forum in the category of mitigating plastic pollution.

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