Ms. Sonal Kane


Flip (Quirklabs LLP)


Pune (Maharashtra


Traditional school systems primarily focus on academics. Social and emotional learning (SEL) is a key aspect of education that is not taught in most schools in India. Surveys revealed that 97% of educators believe, teaching SEL skills in school will improve student behaviour, learning, and development; but only 35% have a plan in place for teaching these skills. Further, students with SEL instruction showed 11% higher academic achievement scores. Even schools that do include some kind of value education do so using theoretical lectures, which do not create enough impact on young minds. They will be better served if these values were taught by application or experimentation.


Flip focuses on social and emotional learning and provides a unique experiential framework for students and teachers to use across the school. Using our mobile app, students create a crowdsourced library through which they can request books from each other. On completion of reading, the borrower returns the book to the lender and records a review for the book. As students read and share their score points and unlock virtual stickers. Along with strong values, students also learn some skills that help them in academics, communication, and presentation. Every month, a popular book is selected, and students who have read the book are asked to present a book review as a team

Scalability and Impact:

The Flip platform was launched in November 2019 as a pilot and was used by over 350 who shared more than 1500 books and crowdsourced over 7000 books. We expanded into two more schools in early 2020. The Covid19 pandemic caused schools to shut down and as a result, students were unable to share books. However, we added functionality to the platform to be used for academic learning in addition to social-emotional learning.

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