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Millions of people are not accessible to safe drinking water due to poverty, inadequate knowledge, lack of technology transfer between two systems –urban and rural, culture, lifestyle issues and climate changes, conflicts and disasters. They aim to provide safe and pure drinking water using renewable resources They have designed and made a new technology that delivers safe and pure water in low cost from natural resources.


CLEVINNO made a product – BLUTOMER- 3 stage Instant Water Bottle Purifier, which is a universal water bottle purifier- that fits every bottle in the market from cool drink bottles to children sipper bottles, flip cap water bottles, mugs and many more. They also developed a SOLAR WATER PURIFIER, a drinking water system which is easy to carry to any place/water source and collect purified water from it. The basic design provides 600-700 liters of purified water per daylight (6AM-6PM) without external power source. They developed RAINWATER HARVESTING + SOLAR WATER PURIFIER this model uses natural resources round the year. During the rainy season- it collects rain water at the top and purifies it by using UV chamber and add minerals to it. During summer- connect it a water source and collect purified water (RO+UV+UF+ Activated Carbon) by using solar energy. These two models are very helpful for rural India where accessibility of safe drinking water is very less. Their another product, specially designed for refugee camps, floods, protection forces to make safe drinking water from waste water. ALL-TERRAIN WATER PURIFIER is the ultimate in water purification where it provides a safe drinking water from any water source instantly from the available water source during floods, earthquakes, war and for refugees. It is easy to carry on backpack, bike or boat. It can provide 50 liters purified water per hour from the available water source (mountain waters to water wells) by using solar energy. Till the date they are mostly concentrated on Research and development only. Now they are also getting orders from some of the tribal /rural schools for solar water purifier. They will provide it soon

Scalability and Impact:

CLEVINNO (clever innovations) had given 2000 units of blutomer products upto now. In the coming future they aim to provide safe drinking water at any place and in any situation through innovative systems they have developed. Their systems can also be implemented at cities like slum areas, municipal schools, government areas. Whereas “All Terrain Water Purifier” is most helpful during disaster management situations like floods, earthquakes, wars. So they aim to provide safe water immediately to the refugee camps.

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