Mr. Shashank Gupta





Thane (Maharashtra)


Human food and beverage consumption behavior leads to ~25% of the overall carbon footprint and ~50% of the single-use plastics generated. Alternatives don’t support the shift in consumer behavior as they are not experience-driven thus failing to solve the core problem i.e. adoption of a sustainable solution as a habit.


Via Eatables, we are trying to alter the behaviour of the use and throw practice and move towards a zero-waste society. Building 100% plant-based flavoured edible packaging solutions i.e. flavoured edible packaging solutions, flavoured edible ice cream sticks, flavoured edible spoons, and forks. Highly customizable, 100% biodegradable, ready to eat baked snack items, thus, food first functional solutions. Via Alt meat solution, we are building a plant protein-based seafood which saves us from mercury, unwanted animal hormones, and chemicals that are used while breeding them, and we’d be saving tonnes of greenhouse gases, water, energy, land, and other precious resources.

Scalability and Impact:

Currently manufacturing flavoured edible drinking straws and exporting to 7+ countries.

Financial Requirements:


Awards and Recognition:

Patents, Startup India award etc.

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